Goal : Continental Plant Health management
systems improved by 2023.
It is hoped that the results to be achieved by programmes and projects under the Strategic
Plan will contribute to the development of local, national and regional plant protection expertise
and improved pest surveillance/diagnosis and reporting mechanisms, and the establishment
of preparedness capacities by building synergies with other on-going projects. Reinforced
national and regional entities through regional plant pest information and risk assessment
services will ultimately support enhanced food security in Africa within the CAADP framework.

The core functions of AU-IAPSC in the implementation process could be summarized as follows :
• Facilitation and support in the process of elaboration of harmonized policies, standard
procedures and guidelines and other decision-support tools.
• Facilitation and articulation of common African positions on aspects of phytosanitary
matters in international fora.
• Provision of technical leadership and advisory services to Member States.
• Sensitization and advocacy on issues relevant for continental plant protection, and mobi-
lization of public and private sector investments in support of regional and national programmes and projects.
• Provision of diagnostic support and data collection, management and exchange, analysis
and dissemination of information of pest incidences to concerned parties.